Health to address vaccine hesitancy

AstraZeneca vaccine. Photo by NDTV.
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THE Ministry of Health and Medical Service is now working on readjusting its risk communication strategy to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in communities.

This readjustment was made following vaccine resistance incidents on Malaita and some communities in other provinces.  

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Pauline McNeil in a recent talk back-show said the ministry is making readjustments to its risk communication strategy.

The work is still ongoing.

“The readjustment to its risk communication strategy is not an easy operation but has become the ministry of health’s huge task,” McNeil said.

She said the very reason why the MHMS is calling on all communities to work together with health team in any front line ministries.

Our health team working on the ground must also negotiate with chiefs and community leaders to ensure everybody comes to the same understanding.

Secretary to Prime Minister Jimmie Rodgers said vaccine resistance is due to two things, one is fear and the other is they are lacking COVID-19 information or not well informed about the vaccine.

“According to a report some people were not receptive when they were well informed with more information about the vaccination,” Rodgers said.

He said part of the strategy is how we make communication better to some of these communities.

Rodgers said on the government they are focused on making all information available to let people know of the dangers of vaccination and what the dangers are of not having the vaccine.

“The issue here is trying to get people to better understand but not trying to deprive them of their rights. But it’s for them to understand the consequences and dangers,” he said.