World Teachers Day celebrated


TEACHERS are reminded to renew their commitment to provide students with quality education.

This was echoed by Dr Franco Rodie, permanent secretary for Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development at the celebration of World Teachers Day yesterday in Honiara.

“May I take this opportunity to remind you to renew your commitments, to provide each student in your classroom the quality of education they deserve,” Mr Rodie said.

He said in recognition of the contribution of teachers in nation building, teachers are seen as the yard stick that measures the achievement and aspirations of a nation.

Teachers who took part in a parade to mark the World Teachers Day.

Rodie also said teachers provide the power of education to today’s youth thereby giving them opportunity for a better future.

“Good teachers do not accept failure and therefore students are most likely to successes. Teachers know when to push students, when to give a gentle nudge in the right direction, and when to let students figure it out on their own. But they won’t let a student give up.

“Teachers are the ultimate role models for students and will stay positive for their students even when things can seem grim,” he said.

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