Govt to help HCC with waste management before Games


HONIARA City Council is expecting additional support from the National Government to build its capacity in waste management, before the Pacific Games in November, this year.

This after HCC has limited capacity to manage waste for the Games.

It was estimated an extra 60,000 of wastes will need to be collected during the two weeks of the Games and dump at the limited Ranadi landfill in East Honiara.

This will add to the 100,000 tonnes of wastes produced everyday Honiara.

Ministry of Home Affairs permanent secretary, Jeffrey Sade Deve told media last Friday for collection and disposal of waste during clean up and during the Games, HCC will utilise its current fleet up to full maximum.

He said for additional support, HCC is requesting additional waste management vehicles, compactor timber truck, skip bin trucks from the National Government.

Further to that, Sade said the HCC stakeholder – CAUSE project will also support with collection and disposal during the Games.

However, he said HCC recently purchased a bulldozer which is now working to deal with wastes at the landfill.

“And HCC will use additional equipment to push and handle waste during the Games,” he added.

In term of Going forward, Sade said HCC is also discussing with interested private waste sector entities to set recycling of green energy production at the Ranadi landfill.

HCC Clerk Justus Denni  said despite lack of capacity, they are doing all their best to collect the wastes within Honiara and dump at Ranadi landfill.

“Hoping close to Games, we receive additional support from National Government or private sector entities to help build up capacity in waste collections,” he added.

Secretary to Prime Minister, Dr Jimmie Rodgers said they had few consultations with HCC and Prime Minister has committed National Government to work with HCC to address some of that.

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