Gov’t labels veteran journo’s article as ‘false rumour’

THE Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) has called on Mr Alfred Sasako to refrain from spreading false rumours.

A statement from the SIDCCG says the fabricated information penned by Sasako is intended to create division, confusion and animosity amongst Government and the general public.

It highlighted that Sasako’s article on Monday this week is not only misleading but also contains factual errors.

The statement says it is a reflection of the quality of Journalism practised by him.

It said the Government also wishes to assure the citizens of this country that the 2018 budget preparations are progressing well and will be passed according to the programmes and plans of the government.

“The SIDCCG assures the public that contrary to what was published by Sasako, the Prime Minister has the full support of all members of the parties in the Coalition including the Deputy Prime Minister. The SIDCCG calls on the general public to ignore the self-centred rants of Mr Sasako.

“At a time when nation building is a priority, Mr Sasako wants to create division.

“It seems the agenda of Mr Sasako is to drive a wedge between the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. Furthermore, Mr Sasako for reasons only known to him, seems to be disgruntled with the Kadere Party as most of Mr Sasako’s unsubstantiated press releases are designed to bring disrepute to Kadere Party,” the statement added.


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