Russia seeks support in bid to host World-Expo

By Gary Hatigeva

THE Russian delegation that arrived in the country on Monday has held thorough talks with the national government through relevant ministries in an attempt to gain support for its bid to host the World-Expo in 2025.

The group met with top government officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry and other relevant Ministries where discussions were centred on their proposition.

In an interview with the Permanent Secretary of the Tourism Ministry, Andrew Nihopara explained that the delegation headed by Russia’s Ambassador to Australia presented the candidacy of the city of Ekaterinburg to host the World Expo between May 2 and November 2, 2025.

The meeting heard that if earned the right to host, Russia has projected to set its main focus on the developing countries, under the theme “Changing the World: Inclusive Innovations for Our Children and Future Generations”.

The delegation also highlighted some of their objectives to promote and understand the markets and settings of anticipated participating countries.

With fast growing developments in the area of technology in the first world, Russia is also intending to look at how best they can best include the developing nations to fit in and interact with these various settings in the future.

The delegation was told that what’s highlighted in the meeting was a clear opportunity to expand the reach and market of the country’s tourism sector, however any decisions on it will depend very much on cabinet.

Nihopara said his ministry acknowledges the group’s presentation on their bid to host the expo, but clarified that no commitment of support was made at the meeting.

“Any decisions on this will rest entirely on cabinet to make, but yes, we do appreciate and acknowledge them for the presentation of their bid document, and we can only wish them luck in their submission,” the Permanent Secretary further explained.

It is understood that another group is also accompanying the New Zealand-based Russian Federation Ambassador Valery Tereschenko who held visits to the eastern Polynesian region.

Last week, a similar presentation of the candidacy of their city, Ekaterinburg was made to the Prime Minister of Samoa and his cabinet, by the Chief Executive Officer to be the host country for the global event of the Ekaterinburg Bid Committee who was part of a delegation of four officials presented their bid,.

The election for the host country will be made in June this year.

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