Gizo police conduct traffic check



Gizo Traffic Unit Sgt Allenia Timothy and his officer check vehicle license in front of the BSP Bank during traffic check in Gizo on Thursday

GIZO Police traffic unit on Wednesday conducted a traffic check for road safety rules and public safety in Gizo, Western province.

Police checked vehicles which had valid licence, unlicensed drivers, speeding, plate numbers, lightings, tires, poor lights and other issues which make the vehicle un-roadworthy.

The check was conducted in front of the MSG building and opposite BSP bank yesterday.

Sergeant Allenia Timothy yesterday told Island Sun Gizo that about 80 percent of vehicles go through inspection process related to legal licence but the other 20 percent are still in process of having their licences checked.

“Some of the vehicles that did not have legal licenses have encouraged to re-new their license for proper road safety and rules.

“We saw that around 80 percent of vehicles had already completed their traffic cheek, while the other 20 percent have not doing their proper traffic rules check.

“I would like to call all drivers to go through proper traffic inspections with legal licenses process relate to traffic Act because seeing that yesterday’s traffic check, most drivers didn’t turn up.”

He said drivers are to ensure safety of the public as the first priority to avoid road accidents.

He said Gizo police traffic unit is committed to promoting traffic safety through education and enforcement.

He said Gizo traffic unit will continue to check drivers who are speeding, aggressively driving, or violating driving laws within Gizo town.

Drivers are encouraged to drive responsibly and Gizo police Traffic Unit will check licences next week.

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