Call to improve Gizo roads



TAXI drivers and those who provide transport have called on responsible authorities to improve and develop the roads in Gizo, Western province.

A number of transport owners who provide services told Island Sun Gizo yesterday, the issue of improving road access in Gizo is frustrating and all are concerned about responsible authorities not working on a plan to improve roads.

They expressed their concern over the situation of road accesses within Gizo town not being properly improved.

“We expect responsible authorities to look seriously about the road condition currently affecting the people and we are not encouraging contractors who doing money making in Gizo.

“There are a lot of companies have quality machines that we expect to provide outstanding road works in Gizo but still nothing have improved.”

They explained that Western provincial government (MPG) have discussed this road issue during the Sine Die motion recently – that particular road work maintenance and construction is a very expensive exercise that involves millions of dollars.

A spokesman Andrew Koke said people do not understand why all the road works in Gizo is not fully meeting the right criteria and standard of what people expect.

He said people appeal and call on the government both provincial and national to look very seriously on this issue.

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