Gizo Market Manager raises key concerns for women in Western province


Market Manager for Gizo, has brought forward significant concerns that he believes demand the attention of the incoming government.

Moffat Maeta highlighted several crucial issues during an interview with Island Sun urging the new administration to take prompt action.

He said one big problem is that there aren’t enough chances for women and young people in Western province to learn new skills.

“For example, we have many local crops like root vegetables that could be made into different things and sold abroad, but we don’t have many people who know how to do that,” he said.

Maeta mentioned another important thing that needs focus on – changing how  people think.

“Changing our mindset is important, especially here in the Western part of the Solomon Islands. I strongly believe that the government can do things to help young people think differently. This can help them make better choices for themselves, their families, and their communities instead of getting involved in things they shouldn’t.

“So, I really believe that if we have women in Parliament and leaders who thinks like leaders, we can solve these problems,” he said.

He then asked all women young people in the Western province to vote for candidates who have ‘leadership mindset’.

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