Details of Jiangsu-Malaita provinces sister-relationship


JIANGSU province through the Embassy People’s Republic of China in Honiara formally established a historic sister relationship with Malaita province of Solomon Islands in Auki.

A MOU to officially seal this relationship was signed and the two provinces will begin to work on areas of mutual interest under the partnership.

And in pursuant to guidelines of the communique to establish relations between the two provinces, they have reached consensus through consultation and friendly relations to promote exchange, cooperation and facilitate better understanding and friendship between people of the two provinces.

The two parties agreed on the following matters.

  • The two parties, with respect to the principles of free will, equality and friendship are willing to facilitate exchanges and cooperation in a variety of fields at all levels, including economic and trade, agriculture, education and livelihood improvement for common development.
  • The two parties would play an active role in facilitating trade cooperation. Tradable and exportable commodities and products from Malaita such as coconut, cocoa, tuna, fish, beche-de-mer, seaweed and others will be exported to Jiangsu.
  • The two parties would leverage the role of China-Pacific Island Countries Agriculture cooperation and demonstration centres as a platform to conduct cooperation with Malaita, providing technological support in agriculture and training of agriculture professionals (in areas of scientific research, and assessment, quality control, product development, management and skill development) to Malaita.
  • The two parties would strengthen educational cooperation. Jiangsu would offer government scholarship such as “studying in Jiangsu” to train professionals in trade (business/finance), production, industries/infrastructure, health (pharmaceutical/medicine), fisheries and agriculture from Malaita.
  • The two parties would promote exchanges in areas related to people’s livelihood (including climate change and natural disaster response). Jiangsu would provide people in Malaita with essential support and assistance for human security, sustenance and maintenance.
  • Jiangsu Foreign Affairs office and Malaita provincial government office as designated officials contacts of the two parties, would be responsible for coordinating resources to implement the matters and activities articulated in this MOU.

According to the signed document, the MOU enters into effect on the date of signature and will be valid for five years. If neither of the parties calls for termination six months before the expiration date, this MOU would be renewed resultantly.

The MOU was worded in both Chinese and English languages and both texts equally authentic.

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