Gizo/kolo MP assists stranded constituents with food supplies.


MEMBER of Parliament for Gizo/Kolombangara has reached out to her constituents who are stranded in Honiara with food supplies.

Schulte Maetoloa, a Gizo/Kolombangara constituent today received a bag of rice and mixed goods which includes noodles and taiyo.

“The ratio of goods depends on the number of households – meaning if you are with your family, you will receive extra,” he said.

Maetoloa said distribution of food supplies begins today and will continue tomorrow until everyone receives their shares.

He said a lot of people were not planning to stay long in Honiara but were caught in the current COVID-19 outbreak.

“Like many others, I came up to Honiara for a two weeks training on Quality Seafood but then this outbreak happened which leads to a lockdown and now we are stranded.

“I was not planning to stay long in Honiara but I have no choice. I have to follow advice from responsible authorities in an effort to contain this virus,” Maetoloa said.

He described the assistance from Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada as life serving because the assistance comes at the right time when people of her constituency needed help.

“On behalf of stranded Gizo/Kolombangara constituents in Honiara, we wished to register our acknowledgment to Hon Lanelle and her team for the support.

“The food supplies will sustain us until that time we can be able to return home,” Maetoloa said.

He suggests other Members of Parliament should also reach out to their constituents who are stranded in Honiara.

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