Gizo comes back after Tuesday’s tsunami scare



GIZO for the last two days have been on alert after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck around 11pm on Tuesday night.

Reports say people in surrounding islands and other parts of Western province have also been on the lookout for possible tsunami since the quake.

Speaking with some Gizo residents, they share that the tragic experience in 2006 whereby a devastating tsunami struck Gizo and parts of the province is still fresh in their minds, hence when the strong shakes took place on Tuesday night, they all remained watchful for any signs of a tsunami.

Since Tuesday night’s quake, no signs of a tsunami has been reported, and life is getting back to normal in Gizo, as well as other parts of Western province.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service at 11.19pm on Tuesday night confirmed that an undersea earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred at 10:57 pm on Tuesday near Latitude 8.35 Degrees South, Longitude 157.06 Degrees East. This is approximately 48 km East-southeast of Gizo, Western Province.

There is no tsunami threat to the Solomon Islands. However, People living near the coasts should look out for unusual sea level rises. No further updates will be issued unless the situation changes.

Speaking with an officer from the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service said that such magnitude can cause dangerous rips and current close to the epicentre.

They advised that people must beware that there may be aftershocks that can cause also damage. People living near the cost should look out for unusual sea level rises. Therefore public have been urged that whenever seeing such behaviour, people should move up to the higher grounds.

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