Ngella forum challenges locals to look after lands


NGELLA’S famous Forum (NGF) challenges Ngella locals to take responsibility in their lands by looking after them and to say no to logging and prospect mining practises.

Ngella has recently been facing issues of logging and prospecting causing many debates amongst locals and tribes, some good and some bad. The aim according to NGF collaborating with Central Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government on a number of matters continuing this fight against these unwanted activities is purposely to ensure that the island’s lands and environment remain in good shape for the next generation to come.

“We inherit the Ngella Islands from our ancestors who have long lived and toiled on these lands for thousands of years.

“Our children and their children will then inherit these lands from us for yet another thousand of years.

“If our ancestors have been careless, imagine what we would have inherited from them. They left it for us intact and in good shape. It has been able to look after us and those we love.

“Now we have a duty to look after these Islands before we pass it on to our children who will then live and toil these lands.

“It is our ultimate duty and responsibility to ensure this so please join the fight and say no to logging and mining prospecting,” reminds NGF.

It is understood that the tourism industry is the main focus for opening and availing land for rural development now in Ngella according to CIP’s Provincial Government.

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