Focus on economic, trade, education and investment aspects


THERE is a growing desire at the bilateral level between PNG and Solomon Islands to focus more on the economic, trade, education and investment aspects.

According to the Papua New Guinea (PNG) High Commissioner to Solomon Islands HE Mr Fred Yakasa, PNG/Solomon Islands relations have evoked to take on a more focused approach on further strengthening strong people-to-people links, cultural exchanges, trade and economic cooperation, education, judicial and border cooperation amongst others.

This is to reflect the close bilateral relations based on mutual respect and understanding.

“Focus is needed more in these aspects while development assistance is aimed at playing a role in specific strategic measures,” said the PNG High Commissioner.

“Our relation is guided by good number of treaties, agreements, MOU’s and arrangements. However, there is more we can do and there is a lot we can achieve together.”

“There is need for Police Cooperation exchange, training and join operations at our sea border. Both countries must do more in reviewing and renewing our existing agreements and arrangements being compatible with the changing times.”

“Trade between the two countries is increasing every year so as investment.”

At the Bilateral level, PNG and Solomon Islands continue to enjoy the cordial and robust relationship in the true spirit of Melanesian brotherhood and as neighbours since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1978.

PNG places significant value on its relationship with Solomon Islands because of its proximity and common cultural resemblance, intermarriages and other social interactions between both countries from formal bilateral relations.

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