Taiwan brings healthy diet to Visale



Team from Taiwan Health Centre group photo with students of the Visale Community High School after conducting health training program on Health and Nutrition Evaluation for School Age Children and Adolescent

A two-day health training programme on health and nutrition evaluation for students successfully ended last week at the Visale community high school.

The programme was facilitated by doctors and nurses from Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH) in Taiwan with the Taiwanese Embassy, Taiwan Health Centre and the Visale High School.

Trainers demonstrated healthy eating plates, healthy diet concept and local kai-kai recipe to teachers and students with the aim of introducing practical dieting to the school and community level.

Additionally, trainers from KMUH also provided basic health checkups, training courses and medical services to the school and villagers around the Visale Community.

Students and community also underwent health statistics, measurements, urine and finger sugar health checkups including advocacy on nutrition life cycle awareness to the local teachers.

Dr Meng-Chuan Huang, KMUH nutrition professor said, “The nutrition provision with balanced and varieties of foods is critical to maintain optimal growth and development for school-age children in Solomon Islands.”

Ms Chin-Wei Tseng, KMUH nurse, also said, “Diet and nutrition begin to affect our health starting at the time of pregnancy and throughout the rest of our lives.”

Dr Yi-Wen Chiu, Dr Lo-Yen Lee, and Ms Pei-Ni Hsiao provided counseling to students with abnormal test results.

Inspector Rickson Saukoron expressed and extended his sincere appreciation to the Taiwan team.

KMUH experts & school teachers worked together to design and prepare Solomon healthy meals, all participants completed hand-on training to assemble “healthy lunch plate”.

With the help of nutrition professor Dr Meng-Chuan Huang, KMUH, school participants successfully completed and demonstrated a health promotion activity to build up a healthy eating environment for school.

The Visale Community High School Principle Emannel Sade and Inspector Rickson Saukoron assisted in coordinating cooperation between Taiwan experts and Visale School to complete such events.

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