PM welcomes and supports calls for petition for Anti-Corrupt Bill

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare welcomes and is appreciative of the call by the Civil Society to petition the Government to ensure that the Anti- Corruption Bill (ACB) is brought back into Parliament.

The Prime Minister made those remarks during a visit by the Civil Society Organisiation to the Prime Minister on Friday September 14, 2017.

CSOs also delivered to the Prime Minister a letter containing the proposed actions of CSO which included a march to the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

According to CSO representative, Dr Huddie Namo stated that the petition is purposely to emphasise the support of the people regarding the ACB and also to make a call to other leaders to take a stand with the Prime Minister to put an Anti-Corruption Bill into Parliament.

Dr Namo then commended the Prime Minister’s commitment to fight corruption.

Another CSO representative, Lawrence Makili said, “We know that you (PM) championed this bill therefore we want to call on every leaders to take responsibility to support you [Prime Minister].”

In response, the Prime Minister thanked the visiting CSO representatives for their notification and stated it is for a good cause, it is for the good of our children, our people and our country.

The Prime Minister also joined the Civil Society to call on every leaders to support him in the fight against corruption and making sure that a strong Anti-Corruption Bill is put in Parliament come its next sitting.

The proposed march is scheduled to be held tomorrow.


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