Floating boat rescued



AUKI provincial police have found a 30hp outboat motor engine outside Ataa with four children and an adult male from Ndai on Saturday last week.

The boat was found drifting after it encountered mechanical problem while on its way to Malu’u.

Auki Police Operation Manager Michael Ramosaea says the boat was found and everyone onboard was fine

He says after the skipper (adult man) made several attempts to fix the problem and nothing works, the boat was drifting only with the hope to be seen and rescued.

He says luckily, they received coverage signals from one of the towers within Lau area and they alerted relatives in Honiara on the situation.

Ramosaea says from Honiara, a report was conveyed to them and they immediately deployed a search mission on the afternoon of the day to look out for the boat.

He says the search started at Malu’u area and into Lau lagoon as far as Ataa where the boat was found around into the night.

Meanwhile, Ramosaea reminds the public to check their boats well before travelling out to avoid incidents like this.

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