Peaceful New Year celebration in Malaita



AUKI police have reported a peaceful New Year celebration in the provincial town and across Malaita.

Police Operation Manager Michael Ramosaea thanked the public for the good behavior shown during the New Year celebration.

He says police activated their operations during the Christmas and New Year sessions and that there were no reports of any major incidents.

“In fact there was peaceful celebrations in Auki and across the province,” Ramosaea said.

He added there were minor incidents that were alcohol related, but these were brought under control with the help of community leaders.
Apart from those, he said there was a stabbing incident in west Kwaio and an incident involving a boat travelling from Ndai island to Malu’u.

The boat experienced mechanical issues and was floating outside the waters before it was rescued at Ata’a.

The police operation manager said people occupied their celebrations with sports and church activities.

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