Five arrested for Jejevo incident now charged

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POLICE have finally charged the five men arrested for the incident which occurred on March 8 2021 at Jejevo, Katova Isabel province this week.

Police said the five suspects have been charged for the offences of going armed in a public place, wilful and unlawful damage and criminal trespass.

The men appeared at the Honiara Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after the High Court directed the Magistrates’ Court to hear the matter.

Police said the men were then released by the court on strict bail conditions to reappear at a later date.

This is in relation to the incident which occurred at Jejevo on March 8 2021

Police said a group of people armed with knives and axe went inside the Jejevo community and destroyed properties at the estimated value of $350,000.00.

Police called on people around the Katova area, especially communities around Jejevo, Furona, Jajao and Hurepelo village in the Katova District to remain calm and allow police to do their investigation.

Police also said that investigations may take some time as police want the community to allow the law to takes its cause and that taking law into their own hands will create another issue.