Fataleka People’s Power pre-election nomination opens

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DEAR EDITOR, the Executive of the Fataleka Peoples Power had met last Sunday Sept 2, 2018 at Rufoki community to decide on the second phase of the People’ Power Process that will lead towards the pre-election of a candidate to represent the people of West Fataleka in the upcoming General Election which will fall in 2019.

The Executive has call on all communities in West Fataleka to come up with a candidate they wish to represent their community in this upcoming pre-election which will be officiated sometimes in December this year when many people are coming back for their Christmas holidays and celebrations.

The Executive wish to remind all citizens of West Fataleka regarding the process of choosing a community representative or candidate for the pre-election.

First a letter of notice will be written and circulated to all the communities in West Fataleka reminding the communities to nominate a candidate they wish to represent them in the pre-election.

The qualifications of a candidate who wish to contest in the West Fataleka pre-election process are as follows:

  • The candidate must be a West Fataleka citizen
  • The candidate must be endorsed by two prominent leaders and the people in the community where he or she represents
  • The candidate must be registered in one of the communities in West Fataleka
  • The candidate must send the pre-election form signed by the community leaders before the closing dated which will be decided later by the People’s Power Committee.

The People’s Power Committee also appeals for interested West Fataleka citizens in Honiara who wish to context in the pre-election must go through the same process if they wish to contest in the General Election.

The committee currently is making series of awareness program regarding the process.

The committee calls on the people of West Fataleka to respect and appreciate the process.

Robinson Ratu

Chairman of People’s Power

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