SIEC warns against influencing voter registration process

THE Office of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has warned intending candidates or their agents from influencing the Voter Registration process.

In a press statement, SIEC said the BVR update exercise must be carried out freely without influence.

“People must register freely base on their legitimate area of residence,” the statement said.

SIEC said intending candidates or candidate agents found to be influencing the Voter Registration process such as encouraging people to register in constituencies where they do not reside, will face consequential punishments in accordance with the new electoral laws.

SIEC also appeals to eligible registrants to do the right thing by registering where they reside.

“Do not be influenced by anyone, because you risk being removed from the electoral roll if caught.”

SIEC calls on intending candidates and voters to do the right thing.

“Let’s allow the process to be executed freely and smoothly. Do not influence the process and do not be influenced.”

SIEC warned that during the displaying of the provisional list, people will check for names that appear in constituencies or VRCs.

“Therefore if your name appears in a VRC or under a polling station but you do not reside in that area, your name will be objected to during the process of Omission and Objection.

“It is therefore safe for people to register where they reside to avoid missing out in the upcoming National General Election.

The Nation-wide BVR update started today September 3rd, 2018 and ends on September 27th.

SIEC urges eligible voters to look out for registration teams in their respective constituencies in order to register to vote.


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