Good governance for a better nation

DEAR EDITOR, I’ve seen a lot of government critics by people in the media on how the government of Solomon Islands practices governance, but I want to share my thoughts in reminding the governance actors on the old story of how good governance should behave in having an upright nation.

To become a well growth nation it is much depend on the government of the day whom practice governance, which it is a course of decision making that focuses on the formal/ informal actor and formal/informal structure by which decision is implemented.

I know the government of the day always ensures that whatever decision they’ve made must be acceptable for the people.

Governance has various Actors such as; government ministers, government department, civil servants, political parties, civil society, urban rich & poor, media, religious groups, traditional groups, international and regional organization. In order for Solomon Islands to become a better nation the governance actors must work together in one accord under certain tenets like; the actors must be accountable, responsive, transparent, efficient, impartial, participatory, follows the rule of the Law and consensus – oriented which depict the fruit of good governance.

With that I cannot deny Solomon Island as a better nation if the Actors are interrelated in their operation under the eight principles which mention above that show a country with good governance practice.

Enekevu Basi

USPSI campus

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