Ex-positive cases monitoring ongoing


EX-POSITIVE covid-19 cases monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health and Medical Service is still ongoing.

Pauline McNeil, permanent secretary to Ministry of Health, confirmed on Sunday’s radio talkback show that at the moment there are only four ex-positive cases they still have to follow up with.

“Out of all the ex-positive cases that have been released back to the community only four ex-positive cases that we still have to follow-up for a complete swift detection for any reactivation.

“So, we still focus on that one to conclude all the ex-positive follow-ups,” said McNeil.

She said regarding quarantine station updates there were 31 people who arrived last week on a high-risk flight and were sent to their respective quarantine stations.

They will undergo 21 days of quarantine as well as four COVID-19 test and following four negative tests before they will be released back to communities.

“Last week we also have 49 quarantine station occupants who have graduated from quarantine stations and so as of Sunday on quarantine stations we have 225 quarantiners,” said McNeil.       

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