Electorates opposed to extension of life of parliament

Electorates casting their votes during the mock voting exercise data collection survey conducted in Auki town yesterday.
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ALMOST 99% of electorates in the Aoke-Langalanga constituency have opposed to the Government proposed extension of life of parliament.

This was revealed in a mock election data collection survey carried out in all communities in the constituency.

They survey ended at Dukwasi yesterday.

The exercise was conducted with very fair explanation on the proposal to ensure people vote what they think on the matter rather than assumption.

Leader of the team, Jay Mae said the purpose for the survey is to gather a fair and accurate view from people upon fair presentation given to them on the proposed extension.

And they carried out the exercise upon mandate given to them by MP for Aoke Langalanga, Matthew Wale.

He said the survey begun on 12th June and conducted in a cluster community approach for communities in wards 1 and 30 of the constituency.

Part of the crowd that attended Hon Wale’s constituency consultation talk in Auki yesterday

Mae said prior to the mock election exercise, the team briefed the communities on reasons for the proposed extension and opposition’s views on the matter.

He said this is to ensure people are clear on the proposal and other relevant information before casting their votes.

Mae said four options were given based on what the Governor General has issued on the proposal.

He said they are no extension of parliament, early dissolution of parliament, extension of current government and subsequent government to retain 4 years term and extension of the current government and subsequent government to uphold five years term.

“As we go about the exercise, we cluster communities in ward of Auki town into five clusters and another five clusters in ward 30 of the constituency.

“Voting took place in each of these 10 cluster communities that had participation of their cluster communities within the constituency.

“The survey concluded in Auki town and Dukwasi yesterday and almost 99% of electorates supported the ‘no extension of parliament’,” he said.

Mae thanked communities in Aoke Langalanga constituency and their MP for supporting the survey to fulfill government’s constituency consultation on the proposed extension of parliament.