Government accuses Wale of inciting regionalism

Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale
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GOVERNMENT says it is concerned about the way the Leader of Opposition carried out his consultation with his people of Aoke-Langalanga constituency – particularly his use of “inciting statements”, which are serious and posing threats to national security.

 A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) said the office is in possession of a video clip of Matthew Wale’s consultation at the Auki Market where he made “serious and unwarranted allegations” against the government.

“Wale told people that the government is not to be trusted and it is full of liars and he backed that statement with the formation of OUR party after the National General Election in 2019,” the statement said.

“Wale further told the people that the government is prop up by loggers, miners, and a certain bilateral partner,” it added.

The statement further claimed that Wale even has the courage to call on the people to vote current Malaitan MPs in government out and voted in Ramo’s (warriors) who will form and control a government in power.

“Government is concerned that the Leader of Opposition is encouraging regionalism in politics, a view seldom advanced by educated leaders.

“As national leaders, MPs should be advocating and preaching about national unity, progress and prosperity as reaffirmed by our national anthem.

“To call for a regional grouping to take on the government is unheard of, and not reflecting a true heart of a leader.”

The statement further said it seems Wale is not satisfied with the ruling made by court on the case where he challenged the legality of OUR party.

“To remind Wale since he chooses to be ignorant about it, the case against Our Party was thrown out of the court the judge citing the case ‘as being frivolous and vexatious and an abuse of the Courts power’,” the statement added.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet stated that Wale’s usual line was that government is backed up by loggers, miners and a certain bilateral partner.

“Those are empty words as he never took up the initiative to prove that allegation in a court of law.

“Wale’s use of the court of public opinion is shameful and does not speak well of him.

“Government calls on the Opposition Leader to consult his people about the proposed delaying of the 2023 National General Election, and government encouraged Wale to refer to the four options meted out by the Governor General during the speech from the throne.

“That is all that Wale should be doing rather than spewing out hateful statements against other national leaders.

“Wale can do better than what he was saying at Auki Market,” the statement concluded.

Comments are being sought from Wale’s office.