Police claim confiscated Methamphetamine haul destroyed


Police have announced they have destroyed the Methamphetamine haul, confiscated in Honiara late last year.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau confirmed this yesterday during a press conference.

Police Media also shared photos to the media as proof, showing the haul and officers in the process of dumping the drugs into the sea.

Responding to questions in regards to the illegal drugs, on the delay in their destruction, Mr Mangau explained that the police had to ‘adhere to proper formalities from authorities’ and ‘ensure that all necessary paperwork was completed before the destruction could take place’.

Mangau confirmed that the Methamphetamine was taken from the Post Office and from a location at the Ranadi area late last year.

He said police have no proper details on the value of the drugs, adding that the seized drugs were of ‘small quantity’.

Commissioner Mangau also said no arrest has been made, and that investigations are ongoing.

When questioned about the potential impact of the destruction on court evidence, Mangau said the destruction was carried out due to the hazardous nature of the drug.

He added that police had adhered to all processes and procedures before the destruction was made.

He said necessary measures, including arranging for proper documentation and photographers for court proceedings, were taken care of.

Mangau denied any involvement of senior officers that could have contributed to the delay in the destruction process.

He clarified that the drugs were kept under secure custody, separate from the exhibit office.

Mangau pointed out that Solomon Islands serves as a transit port for drugs, emphasising the seriousness and danger these items pose to youths and the community.

He urged people to collaborate closely with the police and authorities to address this issue effectively in the country.

Methamphetamine is also known as ice or crystal meth. It is a highly addictive psychostimulant drug. Its use can be life-threatening. It is banned in a number of countries.

Abusive usage of meth is said to lead to long term risks which include high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. This is reportedly despite the user being without any initial heart problems. Meth can severely damage the liver and kidneys, also to the point of causing death.

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