Drainage blockage is the problem to Kukum market: Titiulu


THE challenge now to removing the pile of rubbish at the Kukum market is the drainage blockage and continuous littering from the surrounding community, it is reported.

Drainage at the Kukum market is worsening – filled with plastics, diapers, betel-nut husk, and bottles.

The area is considered a health hazardous one for surrounding community and passers-by.

The drain emits an odour which offers an uncomfortable smell for people walking by, or staying near.

Island Sun team was there on Thursday morning, and people came with their concerns saying the rubbish has been there for months now without Honiara City Council’s attention.

They called on HCC to remove the rubbish.

HCC’s Chief Inspector for Environment and Health Division Mr George Titiulu said HCC can remove the rubbish from the drainage but the challenge is the drain is blocked and people continue to throw rubbish into the already filled drain.

He adds, another problem is the mindset of the people, thinking it is a rubbish dumping place.

For HCC to apply the seven-metre by-law, Titiulu said it’s not really the shop owners only for taking the full responsibilities; it comes back to people and communities as well.

There should be a general clean-up first advice the shop owners to maintain, he said.

Currently, Titiulu said their backhoe truck is under mechanical maintenance—they will look at the issue.

Titiulu said best way to solve the problem is every shop owners there, communities and HCC need to call joint forces to clean-up the drainage because it’s an infrastructural technical problem that the drainage was block.

The rubbish rubbish end up in the drain is because of the drainage system.

When it rains, rubbish washed down from other sources and heap up in the drain followed by people’s activities surround the area.

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