Police in Central province start zero tolerance operation

POLICE in Central province are mounting an operation in the provincial capital Tulagi to clean up anti-social behaviour in the town.

“The operation, which will be from August 1–4, 2018, is focussed on black markets, people causing nuisance during night times, marijuana, illegal brewing of alcohol and drunk and disorderly,” says Inspector Hugo Maelasi, Operation Forward Commander.

“Police in Tulagi have received information from leaders both at the provincial and community levels as well members of the Central province Crime Prevention Council about such activities happening within the township.

“Police will not tolerate such activities and we are prepared to take stern action against anyone who commit any crime during the operation.”

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Central Province Superintendent Patricia Leta says, “I appreciate the fact that our community leaders of Tulagi and members of the Central province Crime Prevention Council are prepared to support this operation.

“Policing cannot succeed without the full cooperation of members of the communities in our Province.

“I sincerely thank other civilians who have expressed concern over the unnecessary loud music in the provincial capital through the social media.

“It is time for us to strive together for a crime-free Tulagi.”


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