Clinician warns public of covid-19 assumptions


A senior physician at the national referral hospital (NRH) is calling on the public to be aware of false theories and conspiracy messages about covid-19 and its vaccines.

Dr Jones Ghabu urges people not to listen to these rumours.

“Please my people don’t listen to theories that are not realities. Don’t listen and believe assumptions,” Ghabu said.

“Reality shows that covid-19 is real, it kills people and cripples health systems by increasing demand for medicines, oxygen and manpower,” he added.

“My people we don’t have the capacity to treat and handle an outbreak,” Ghabu said.

“If there is an out breaking here in the country people will and clinicians will be watching each other dying from covid-19.

“Doctors from neighbouring Papua New Guinea are experiencing it right now.

“With that let us continue with our strategies. These include population protection strategies (system approach) and Individual person protection strategies (clinical approach).”

Ghabu explained systematic approach means maintaining the border and quarantine to stop the virus from entering, Isolation in which to contain and eliminate, and Public health measures like social distancing, hand hygiene and mask.

He said clinical approach encourages health life style, vaccination, treatment but currently there is no promising treatment for SARS CoV2, but when worst comes to worse as doctors treating sick people, they will never quit the fight by throwing in everything they can in Solomon Islands setting.

“My message to you is prevention is better than cure. Please adopt healthy life style and o get your vaccine,” he said.

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