Police: lack of vehicles affected our work


THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has admitted that lack of vehicle has contributed to their inability to respond and serve daily policing needs to the communities in Guadalcanal.

RSIPF made the response after the court raised concerns over Henderson Police not performing their responsibilities to serve summons to witnesses.

Police said that under resourcing frontline Policing is a fact that is beyond the ability of Guadalcanal Police and its Executive to manage. 

Police said that Guadalcanal Police have submitted to the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) Executive for additional vehicles but were unsuccessful due to lack of funding.

“The RSIPF Executive has deliberated on the issue and has developed possible options to procure vehicles for the frontline policing but due to the RSIPF Annual Budget constraints and the current Solomon Island Government (SIG) cash flow problem has contributed hugely into not progressing this urgent procurement in a timely manner.”

Police also said they are working on ‘Vehicle Impact Report’ to the Government to support their argument that they urgently need vehicles for the frontline policing.

“Therefore, there is no doubt that lack of vehicles at the frontline has contributed hugely into the organisation’s inability to response and serve the daily policing needs of our communities and important stakeholders. 

“It will be further worsening and has a huge impact into the frontline policing, if the issue of vehicles is not resolved quickly,” police said.  

Police also clarified that regarding the vehicles at Rove Police Headquarters, most of the existing operational vehicles are old and are listed for SIG sale by tender soon. 

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer commented that the RSIPF must think outside the box when performing their duties because availability of fund will be a problem for the government.

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