Documents to be filed on case of man accused of lewd act

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THE pre-trial conference document in relation to the case of a man accused of forcing his wife to have sex with her ex-boyfriend will be filed to court to allow the listing committee of the High Court to set a trial date on the accused’s case.

Defence lawyer Daniel Kwalai told the court that he and the prosecutor have already filed the PTC document and are going to file the documents to the court in the afternoon.

High Court judge Leonard Maina then adjourned the case to March 28, 2022 for mention and for confirmation of trial date.

This is the case of a 54-year-old faced with one count of Compelled Sexual Intercourse contrary to Section 136 G (a) & b of the Penal Code Cap 26, as amended by the Penal Code (Amendment) (Sexual Offence) Act 2016.

Prosecution said the incident occurred on the night of March 9, 2020 at the Bonege Beach area, where the accused forced his wife to have sexual intercourse without her consent and knowing about or being reckless as to the lack of consent

Prosecution said prior to the offending the victim with his wife and the accused with his wife boarded the same bus and went back to their home village at Vura,  West Guadalcanal. During that time, the victim who was an ex-boyfriend of the accused’s wife had been drinking alcohol.

On their way down to their home village, the accused’s wife dropped off from the vehicle at Bonege area saying she wanted to visit her daughter who lived there.

The accused with the victim and his wife then left on the same vehicle to Vura further down in the North West Guadalcanal to drop off the victim’s wife.

 After dropping off the victim’s wife at Vura, the accused came back to Bonege with the victim and continued having few beers till late night.

Prosecution also said on the evening they were all telling stories together before the victim (wife’s ex-boyfriend) went to a small house to sleep over for the night.

It was when the victim went to sleep the accused took his wife and forced her to have sex with the victim.

Prosecution said that the accused’s wife also revealed that the victim was her ex-boyfriend, they used to be in a relationship when they were young but that was their past life and not now.