Telekom service resumes on Bellona


Telecommunication service has resumed on Bellona island, Renbel province.

On Tuesday this week, the Our Telekom tower which had reportedly been down for five months, was fixed.

Island Sun understands that Our Telekom sent two of its technicians on Tuesday this week to Bellona to fix the tower’s problems.

Posts of relief and appreciation from Renbel citizens were posted on social media.

Speaking to Island Sun on Tuesday, jubilant members of public on Bellona expressed happiness over the service’s resumption.

“We are happy the Telekom tower is fixed. We can now call our family and friends in Honiara and other provinces, and they can also contact us,” one tells the paper.

“We have struggled so much during the past five months when the tower was down.

“And, when covid-19 was announced in mid January, we were worried for our families in Honiara but could not contact them, nor they us.

“Worse, when covid-19 entered Bellona, we could not communicate with our family and friends outside.”

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