Diabetes, leading cause of death in Solomon Islands: Dr Hsu

Dr Yuan-Nian Hsu.
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Dr Yuan-Nian Hsu.

ACCORDING to Taiwan’s Dr Yuan-Nian Hsu, CEO of Hospital and Social Welfare Organisations from the Administration Commission of Ministry of Health and Welfare, the leading cause of death in Solomon Islands is diabetes.

He voiced this whilst speaking to Island Sun yesterday at the Taiwan Health Centre.

Dr Hsu expressed that the Taiwan Health Centre (THC) has a very good master plan in helping to tackle the disease he brands “complicated” and wish to improve the health status of the people in Solomon Islands.

He added that THC’s focus on diabetes is moving towards nutritional education in effort to find solutions to battling the disease he says is more than just about the amputation of a leg.

“It is not just about amputating a foot. If you have diabetes for ten years, you can easily experience a stroke. If you have diabetes you can easily have heart attack. If you have diabetes you can easily have kidney diseases,” said Hsu.

On another note, he stated that the programmes carried out by THC will not stop today but continue for the next five to 10 years and depend on what services the people of Solomon Islands need most.

This Hsu explained will come from the ministry of health.

He went on to stress that they will also have some kind of survey and statistical data put together before they can conclude the most important things that need to be addressed.

Commenting on the progress made so far by THC and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Hsu said that the THC staff have done a great job, especially by utilizing the resources available and cooperating with multi partners to deliver their services.

Hsu is part of the Solomon Islands and Taiwan Health and Medical Services Cooperation Inspection Mission, who have recently arrived in the country to attend a workshop at NRH, donate medical supplies and inspect the Taiwan Health Mission operations.