SICCI welcomes Airbus return

THE Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) has welcomed the return of the national carrier’s Airbus.

Solomon Airline’s flagship Airbus A320 arrived back in the country last Saturday after undergoing maintenance in Singapore.

As a Chamber representing businesses and the private sector, SICCI is excited that the national Airbus is now back on its normal overseas runs, particularly between Brisbane and Honiara.

SICCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Meone commended Solomon Airlines for resuming international flights with the national airbus despite all the challenges faced in terms of ensuring their fleet both domestic and international stay operational.

The CEO added this is good news for both travelling passengers and businesses and the same for economic activities in the country.

“Regular and reliable flights both domestically and internationally provides significant economic benefits to the economy and citizens,” Mr Meone said.

He said, transportation, in particular international flights, will go a long way in supporting and stimulating trade and tourism.

Meone said the return of the Airbus is really positive and will continue to support the increasing number of travellers experienced in recent times.

Meanwhile, Meone on behalf of SICCI members, appreciates the Government’s efforts to make sure that supporting infrastructure like roads are complete to complement activities of the airport and investors coming into the country.

“The upgrade of the Kukum Highway that is nearing completion is a testament of Government’s commitment not only to improve air transport service facilitation but also to cause the required linkage between the various transport modes in the country,” he said.

“As a country we will need to continue to invest in our infrastructure to support growth and encourage more investment,” added the CEO.

Now that the Solomon Airlines’ Airbus is back in the air, it will also assist in uplifting life-saving drugs for the National Referral Hospital, something SICCI also appreciates.


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