Deposing of rubbish in public places become common


CARELESSNESS and irresponsible attitude of deposing rubbish in public places has become common amongst almost citizens from kids to adult.

Despite responsible authorities carrying out awareness’s against littering in the city general public’s attitude of litter certainly hasn’t change.

And hence rubbish has been seen everywhere in public places within the capital.

Yesterday Island Sun team observed a flower bed in front of the common wealth street entrance has becoming a rubbish sight.

General public have been using the location as a resting place and at the same time the action of rubbish disposing took place.

At the moment the object disposed there has portrait a message of careless and irresponsible attitude towards rubbish disposing.

Rubbish dominating that place includes aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, paper, rocks, human feces and other object that hasn’t have any value when or after being used.

The place was originally meant to be a resting place for public and also for beatification purposes.

Photo of the observed flower bed in front of the commonwealth street entrance has becoming a rubbish sight. Photo by LYNTON AARON FILIA

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