TAWARO clinic receives building material

From (left – right) Mr Timothy Williams Technical Coordinator of the project and Mr Lonsdale Abana Chairman of the project posed for a photo shot with the newly donated building materials on Monday in Honiara.
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TAWARO clinic in East of Small Malaita, Malaita province for the first time received building material purposely for clinic renovation.

Materials were donated yesterday under the project identified as the rainwater harvesting under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology and was funded by World Bank in Solomon Islands.

Speaking with Mr Timothy Williams Sanau Technical coordinator of the project said having this materials shipped to Small Malaita for Tawaro clinic renovation has been a milestone for communities who have benefited from Tawaro services health deliveries.

“The clinic was built in 1969 since then there were only minor renovations took place which has put the health center in a status of rundown building, however these newly delivered materials has been a fine achievement towards its improvement.

“Hence on behalf of communities within Tawaro village we are so grateful for this donation it indicates that we’ll soon have a newly renovated health centre,” he said.

The building materials delivered are 78 sheets of copper, 90 bags of cement, seven Rota tanks and some hardware materials.

They (building materials) will be shipped to Tawaro today.

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