CSSI commissioner acts on evidence and proof

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THE Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI) Commissioner Francis Haisoma says that he acts on evidence and proof in disciplining officers.

Speaking to Island Sun in a telephone interview, he said he is aware of the allegation against his officers in relation to the misconduct issues against officers alleged to have smuggled mobile phones and marijuana into the centre for inmates while on duty that was published by SIBC on January 20 this year.

Mr Haisoma said such issues already happened in the past and officers were disciplined and dismissed when found guilty.

He said when such allegations arise they conduct an investigation and if there’s proof, officers are dismissed.

He also said that sometimes information and evidence are lacking to discipline officers and people who have evidence of such allegation should report the issue to rightful authorities.

“We are trying our best to stop such from happening and as Commissioner I have authority to dismiss officers if they are found guilty.

“I have been doing that in the past,” Haisoma said.

He also said that trafficking issues into the prison not only happens to officers but visitors as well.

“Sometimes visitors when they came for visit they hide something in places where Officers cannot check.”

He said that visits to the prison occur during week days, and if visitors hide something for their relative in prison the duty officers will not aware.

Haisoma said, “People may wonder whether CSSI have a CCTV yes there is a CCTV installed but only at the entrance gate but inside the Prison compound no CCTV.”

In an issued statement CSSI said as a leader in correctional management in the region with effective, ethical, committed and professional organisation.

With the mission to enhance the safety of the community by providing secure and human containment through facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners, it stands to maintain that integrity.

Thus the issue of trafficking or smuggling is a normal issue in any prison system in the world, the statement said.

It explains the involvement of staffs with prisoners is part of their duties to rehabilitate prisoners, but not to involve in contraband trafficking or taking in any prohibited articles that is not allowed to enter into a correctional centre for any prisoner.

This is restricted and if found guilty, you are liable for dismissal from the correctional service.

However, there are provisions in the CSSI Act & Regulation which clearly stipulated the prohibited articles and disciplining of officers, it further explains. CSSI commissioner Mr Francis Haisoma said, his office has received reports of misconduct by officers.

Some of the reports regarding mobile and marijuana trafficking have been reported and severe disciplinary actions been taken which resulted to dismissal from service.

Correctional officers are fully aware of the consequences of trafficking prohibited articles and CSSI Commissioner said, he will not tolerate under any circumstances on matters of trafficking