WESTERN Province Tourism Minister Hon Chris Mesepitu after the recent Council of Tourism Ministers Meeting (CTMM) in Gizo Town said culture is the attractive product of tourism.

He said it is the most interesting product people will want to come and explore in Solomon Islands.

“We have a diverse culture of nine different ones representing our provinces,” said Hon Mesepitu.

“I would really like the tourism industry of the country to develop more on culture attraction in terms of conservation, artefacts, carvings, traditional beliefs, dancing and so on.

“This is because only culture product will make a big difference.

We may have a lot of white sandy beaches or so but it is just similar to other countries. It is our cultures that will make a difference compared to other countries.”

The Minister suggests that this is one of the areas in tourism development the country should dwell within and improve on as well.

“I thank the CTM meeting that had recently took place in the province because from such meetings is where we can access data’s and information’s that will help us know where to improve our development in the tourism industry of the country,” said Hon Mesepitu.

The Hon Minister is focusing on culture because he said it was one of the interesting data’s surveyed by Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) shown during the CTMM in Gizo Town last week.

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