COUNCIL of Tourism Ministers in Gizo is being hailed a success as the national Tourism Ministry heard for itself the plans of each provincial ministry towards tourism development.

All ideas contributed are collected and combined into a document as data information for the National Government to push the tourism industry forward.

Tourism Minister for Western Province Hon Chris Mesepitu said it was good to learn from the visitors’ survey report on SIVB’s data collection pointing out the country’s strengths and weaknesses towards attracting more tourists.

“I thank such meetings as the CTMM because it is from such meetings we can access data’s and information’s that will help us know where to improve our development in the tourism industry of the country,” said Hon Mesepitu.

Speaking on behalf of all the Provincial Tourism Ministers and Senior Officers during the official closing of the CTMM last Friday night, the Premier of Rennell and Bellona province, Hon Collin Singamoana, said they have learnt a lot within the few days spent in Western Province. “We will take back to our various provinces what we have learnt here so that we will improve our development in tourism,” said the Premier.

He thanked the Tourism Minister and his hardworking staff, the Premier of Western Province Hon Wayne Maepio and his executive and lastly the people of Western Province for their gifts and hospitality.

“On behalf of the eight provinces including HCC, there is no other word we can say more but thank you,” said the Premier for Renbel.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Hon Bartholomew Parapolo, before his official announcement for the closing of the CTMM, thanked local chiefs of Western Province as well for the traditional shell monies of the province presented to them.

He said that the gifts marked unity, peace and love amongst the provinces of Solomon Islands for the development towards tourism.

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