Crime prevention meeting with east Makira leaders

A leader speaking during the meeting
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COMMUNITY leaders of East Makira recently attended a crime prevention strategy consultation conducted by police in the province.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai and team facilitated the meeting from 8to 9 of July 2021 for leaders of Namah, Pihuru, Nagarawawa, Nahuhu and Karie,

This followed claims that these communities have experienced law and order issues of which leaders were unable to control antisocial behaviours happening in their communities.

The communities have experienced widespread trafficking, selling and smoking marijuana, kwaso brewing, illegal sale of alcohol, damage of properties and going armed in public places.

“The situation has caused community members particularly the women, children and elderly people to live in fear every day,” a statement from the police said.

“The outcome of the meeting has been fruitful as leaders have come to identify various causes that include weak community governance, leadership, impacts of logging and none engagement of youths,” the statement added.

PPC Peter Sitai speaking during the consultation meeting

However, the meeting also identified possible ways forward to address the issues that include reactivating the tasks of Crime Prevention Committee, realignment of existing sectors and regular meetings.

In a closing remarks, Silas Wagatora, Provincial Member for Ward 13, apologised on behalf of all levels of community leadership and called for support for the work of the police, stating there is no time to waste.

“It is about time that leader’s rise and work together towards fighting antisocial activities affecting our people,” Wagatora said.