COVID Cases continue to surge

Covid-19 cases continue to rise on daily basis as the battle to control community spread continues in the capital Honiara.

A further 143 new positive cases were recorded in the last 24 hours from 8:00 am January 27 to 8:00 am January 28, increasing the total positive cases to 898.

Health and Medical Services Permanent Secretary Pauline McNeil announced the results this afternoon while indicating that the number is sure to increase as testing continues at the NRH molecular laboratory.

Testing in Gizo in Western Province and Auki in Malaita Province are likely to provide further increases to the current Honiara statistics in the coming days.

Current statistics indicated 5 deaths since the outbreak with 5 cases currently in critical condition and 25 recoveries.

Honiara city currently records 38 hotspots since 27 January while Ontong Java in the Malaita Outer Islands remains listed. Other potential hotspots yet to be declared included, Auki and some areas in the Southern region of Malaita Province, Marovo lagoon, Noro, Munda, and Gizo in the western province. Monitoring is also ongoing for parts of the Central Islands and Makira-Ulawa Provinces.


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