Covid-19 risk to SI greater than before: Rodgers

Chairman of the Oversight Committee Dr Jimmie Rodgers
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COVID-19 risk for Solomon Islands is greater than ever before since the delta variant of the virus is just next door, says Dr Jimmie Rodger, secretary to the Prime Minister.

Rodgers highlighted this at the recent radio talkback on COVID-19 updates.

“The new delta variant of COVID-19is just looking next door to us meaning the risk in Solomon Islands is greater than ever before.

“I said this because I see it with my own eyes on how the pandemic is actually going like a wild fire in Fiji, am saying this because am currently living here in Fiji.

“It is very difficult to stop the virus, if it reaches our communities.

“Our second intention of course is whenever it comes into the country it must be stopped and contained at the quarantine facilities and eliminate it there.

“We also push on vaccination and also on corporation of people to make sure the under 18 years are protected from the virus as well,” he said.

Rodgers said the delta variant is affecting many countries and that is why the government is very careful.

“The key message here is those who are eligible to vaccinate, please get vaccinated and reduce movement.

“Non vaccinated people are the ones that are dying early,” he said.