Covenant intense training for DC Park Rugby 7s


COVENANT Rugby Club (RC) is primed for their first showdown against TNT Junior Boys RC at the upcoming DC Park Rugby 7s Solbrew series, scheduled to commence this Friday at DC Park in East Honiara. The match is set for 3:00 PM, marking the start of an anticipated tournament.

SunSPORTS caught up with the team on Tuesday evening at the East End Stadium, where they engaged in a rigorous combined session with Task Force Cori Mada 3 Rugby Club (RC). Coach Saiasi Moceica shared insights into their preparation, emphasizing the intense training regimen the team has undergone in recent weeks.

“The team has been progressing well, and this marks our third week of preparation. Today will conclude our preparation phase, culminating in our final run,” Coach Moceica stated. He highlighted the inclusion of two youth teams in their training process, aiming to select the final 14 players for the tournament.

“Our primary focus during preparation has been on game patterns and field management awareness. We’ve conducted a series of nine test matches to refine our players’ skills,” Moceica explained, expressing optimism about the youth players’ potential to contribute to the national 7s team in the future.

Looking ahead, Moceica emphasized the importance of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for their development through rugby tournaments. “These youths hold the key to the future of Solomon Islands Rugby. With proper development, they could lead our national team to significant victories,” he remarked.

Highlighting the educational background of his players, Moceica noted that while only two are currently in tertiary education, the majority are students with promising futures. He also spoke of the benefits gained from the combined session with Task Force Cori Mada 3 RC, emphasizing the mutual learning experience and motivation it provided.

The DC Park Rugby 7s Solbrew Series is set to commence this Friday and will run until the 16th, promising exhilarating matches and showcasing the talent and dedication of rugby clubs in the Solomon Islands.

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