HCC Plans to Address Hygiene Concerns at Lawson Tama Stadium


THE Honiara City Council (HCC), owner of Lawson Tama Football Stadium, has pledged to address the poor condition of the portable lavatories located in the grandstand of the stadium.

This commitment comes in response to concerns raised by the football community about the unwelcoming state of the portaloos. Fans have described the facilities as unhygienic, calling on authorities to rectify the situation to enhance their experience of the country’s number-one sport, especially during weekends.

HCC Facilities Officer Watson Luito assured SunSPORTS that the issue will be addressed in due course.

“The two portaloos were connected to a septic tank by the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF). Ideally, these portaloos should not be connected to any septic tank but should be cleared after use, particularly on weekends,” Luito explained. “Connecting them to a waste tank can expose waste to the air, creating an unpleasant environment for spectators.”

Luito mentioned that service improvements will begin once new staff members are recruited to manage the situation.

“Under the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), HCC is responsible for the upkeep of these facilities. However, due to a shortage of workforce, improvements have been delayed. We will recruit staff and station them at the stadium to monitor the lavatories. Cleaners and security personnel will be assigned to their respective zones during game times,” Luito added.

He also noted that the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) is responsible for cleaning up any mess left on the field during game times.

The football community can look forward to a better experience at Lawson Tama Stadium as these measures are put into place.

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