Court sends strong message on taking alcohol to solve problem


The High Court has sent out a strong message that taking alcohol is not the answer to solving problems.

Judge Maelyn Bird said this when sentencing a man to eight years imprisonment for manslaughter.

Buake Tekirawa killed his partner in May 2021 – he stabbed her on the neck at Niu Manda village in the Western Province.

Judge Bird said, “getting drunk when you have a problem is not a solution. It will tend to make the situation worse.

“You should have been sober minded and be man enough so that you would be in a position to sort out the mess that you have created between you and the deceased.

“This should be a turning point in your life. Try and learn from the mistake that you did and you should also think about quitting alcohol.”

“The court had nonetheless held that you were provoked into committing the offence. It is further submitted by your lawyer that you have a chance of rehabilitation. With the type of attitude that you had in how you consumed alcohol, there is little chance for rehabilitation.

“Take that to heart and redirect your life for a better future for you and your two young children,” Bird said.

Bird said the offence committed was serious because it took place at their family home, a place where each person should feel the peace, security and tranquillity of the home, but turned into a crime scene.

“Therefore, being drunk is not an excuse to commit such horrific offence to your very own partner,” Bird said.

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