Communities undergo conservation training


TEN communities in Western Province successfully completed a series of Rangers training earlier this month.

Representatives from Kolombangara Island, Munda, Rannonga Island, Simbo Island, Vella la vella Island and Gizo Island were part of the training.

The training was carried out by Solomon Islands Rangers in partnership with WWF-Pacific (Solomon Islands) staff.

Topics covered during the training include;

  1. Rangers’ effective communication and issue handlings in protected areas.
  2. Developing good mindset, and how to conduct a meeting that really works at the community.
  3. Equipment handling and caring.
  4. Field data management
  5. Principles of fundraisings
  6. Fundraising strategy for sustainability and
  7. Simple project proposal development for communities.

Solomon Islands Rangers Program Manager, Eddie Huitarau said the training aimed at equipping rangers to professionally handle and mange any issues that may take place within the community management area.

“The training is looking at developing excellent mindsets and behaviors in relation to management area.

“It enable rangers to conduct meetings and programs that they see fit in the community to promote an awareness and understanding of the benefits of management areas provide to communities,” he said.

Huitarau the training is very important to make sure conservation groups understand the requirements so that standing procedures are aligned with the national legislation and policies.

He said most conservation groups are tribally owned and accessing funds to anticipate transformation.

One of the participants Rinda Melsen acknowledged the training saying that enhancing the capacity of local rangers is paramount going forward.

She said knowledge obtained from the training is a huge bonus for her community to better improve conservation activities.

Secretary of Vitu Tribal Association, Varina Toribule said building a foundation with sound knowledge matters to rangers to carry out their duties.

She said the training has established confident among ranger to carry out their duties with perfection.

Mr Dickson Taniveke of Uriapo Tribe Conservation thanked the facilitators for the sessions on Rangers’ effective communication and issue handlings in protected areas.

Participants were given certificates after completing the three days training.

The training was proudly funded by WWF-Netherland.

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