Communities called on to help in manhunt


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley is calling on all communities to support and aid the operation to recapture the two escapees.

Varley said police are mounting a huge operation to recapture them, however, he reiterates the importance of public support, urging communities to help police and come forward with any information.

“We are grateful for information collected so far and we continue to receive information from the community. We appeal for anyone with more information on where about these two men to come forward and report that to police either by person at police stations or via police communication lines.

“Police continues to distribute their photos and identities to the community and actively engage with community leaders, church groups and the broader community as we continue our search,” Varley said.

Varley reminds public that the two escapees are ordered by court to be remanded in police custody.

“So people should not be under any illusions that there is some reason for them to be OK to be out. It’s important that if you know where these men are, you respect the order of the court and provide information to police or you encourage them to surrender.

“The police would rather see the operation resolve peacefully through negotiated surrender of the two men than having any police activity in terms of physically arresting them,” he said.

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