CDF has not achieved much: Liloqula

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THE Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has not achieved much.

This was revealed by Mrs Ruth Liloqula during her presentation at the SI women’s forum in Honiara.

She said despite the CDF being in the millions, there is nothing tangible around to justify this.

“Despite the huge growth in the amount available under CDF scheme there is still no evidence of real development.

“Substantial development observed during our visits are from people’s effort and sweat or donor supported,” she uttered.

Moreover, members of parliament and the government continually refuse requests to explain exactly how this money is spent and retirement reports.

However, there are MPs who have done constituency development for individuals, groups, like income generating and community project.

“This shows that a number of MPs have done extremely well in their constituencies,” said.Liloqula.

The reports she presented are from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) community consultation and assessment workshop that was undertaken by the Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI).

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