Escape of the 2 suspects to be probed


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley said his office will launch an independent investigation to review the reasons for the escape of the two suspects last week.

Police’s immediate priority is to re-capture them, but investigation into the escape will follow in due time.

Varley said he understands that there is a need for the public to know the truth surrounding the suspects’ escape from police escort.

“I want to comment on report that somehow there are those in the community who want to know the reason why this escape occurred, I understand that.

“And I understand that there are many questions to be looked into in this case.

“I will intend to appoint an independent investigation team to review this case and the reasons for the escape and the lessons we can learn from this,” he said.

He cautions against baseless speculations that the two officer present at the time of escape may have contributed to it.

“But I want to caution against any sort of commentary that the two officers involved in the event should somehow be verify or victimise as the result of this escape.

“I can assure you that those two officers feel the weight of the responsibility of what occurred, and they are working very hard as part of the team to capture these two men.

“It’s also important to know that the two officers involved were part of the original investigation team that arrested these men in the first place, and we should not lose sight of that.

“These two officers worked very hard as part of the original investigation into the home invasion to capture and arrested the two men.

“And at the end of the operation obviously for reasons that we will look at there were some mistakes made and the men escaped,” Mr Varley said.

He dismissed suggestions that the involvement of the female officer in the case contributed to the escape.

He said any criticism on that is not fair as she is a very excellent detective officer.

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