Comet cluster workshop this week

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By Taromane Martin

THE Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) will organise a COMET Cluster workshop this week for their officers and TSL club managements.

The COMET Cluster workshop is to help SIFF administrators and Club managements understand the competition management programme which will be used in the Telekom Soccer League this season for the first time.

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Competitions Manager Mr Michael Song will facilitate the workshops which will take place on Thursday for SIFF Administrators and on Friday for TSL Club managements.

The COMET is expected to professionalise football clubs in the country and align them more closely with the Oceania Football Confederation according to OFC Competitions Director Chris Kemp.

“It’s a system which is easy to operate and will help competition managers across the region to do perform their roles,” he explained.

“This workshop has brought all the Member Associations together in Auckland with the team from COMET to go through and help them start the process of setting up their databases.”

Kemp said having a region-wide database is an important step especially with the fluidity with which players swap clubs domestically as well as within Oceania.

“When players are in teams in our regional competitions, for example the OFC Champions League, but are also playing in their national teams, age-group competitions and senior competitions, it makes the process a whole lot easier as we’re not manually entering data every time.

“It’s all coming through in a consistent format, and then of course we can also create accurate statistics on all the players and coaches.

“The system is great in that it can deal with everybody from a grassroots player through to someone playing in the OFC Champions League.

“It just makes everybody’s lives so much easier,” he said.