Church wants to take over Aligegeo School


The Malaita provincial government will this year consider the proposal by the Optic Orthodox church to buy off Aligegeo school.

Premier Daniel Suidani said the church had expressed its interest last year.

“They are now back and are proposing to make a presentation of their proposal to the Executive on the 25th of this month.

“They have promised that they will improve Aligegeo school to be the premier school of Malaita province and to provide an education that is at par with the Australian secondary education.

“I personally am of the view that we should continue to encourage those that would provide quality education to do so in the province,” he said.

Suidani said that on similar note, the MALA I TOLO Education initiative has had first round of supporting form 6 schools except for Suu.

He said the funded programme incorporated courses on Malaita tradition, environment, IT to form 6 courses in number schools in the province last year and review had done on the programme.

“And, I am please to say that they will continue their project next this year and hopefully expanding their support to even lower classes like forms four and five,” Suidani said.

He said an interesting aspect of the programm is the introduction of studies that look at local cultures and tradition.

“I am sure the programme will expand on this subject area as more information are gathered on this subject matter,” the premier said.

He said MPG owns only three secondary schools.

He said they are Aligegeo in the central region, Maluu in the northern region and Rokera in the southern region.

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